Regular And One-off Gardening Help

You dream of a cosy, lavish garden where you can spend your weekends but don’t know how to create or maintain it. There is no reason to despair – hundreds of homeowners had been in the same position before they contacted Pine Mountain!

We love to roll up our sleeves and turn even the smallest patch of property into a green corner of comfort. You can book us for one-off and regular cleaning services in the entire Greater London area, the residential suburbs and the small towns of the commuter’s belt around the capital. 

Our friendly and easygoing gardeners can help you with:

  • Regular flower care (exotic species included)
  • Hedge maintenance and trimming
  • Lawn mowing (weekly/bi-weekly)
  • Tree leaves removal (in autumn)
  • Decorative and fruit trees care
  • Manual weed removal (we never apply herbicides!)
  • Seasonal vine care and trimming (spring/autumn)

The service options mentioned above cater to the “green” part of your garden. But there are always the pathways, the fences and railings, and the garden furniture. If you want to keep them free of grime, soiling, and stains, we strongly recommend our pressure washing treatment. It is totally health-safe and eco-friendly, and we can apply it on concrete, stone, tiles, metal, and even wooden surfaces.

High-end Landscaping Projects

We offer you two different packages – garden re-design or creating a new green space in your property from scratch. Pine Mountain cooperates with top-level landscaping designers and decorators who can shape your dream garden and offer a wide variety of styles. If you have a vision of a Japanese-style garden with small ponds and decorative bridges, we can turn it into reality. If you are a fan of the Versailles-style elaborate hedging and geometrically-planned labyrinths, we can create them too!

Our team will be with you every step of the way, providing the following range of services:

  • Ground levelling (necessary for any landscaping project)
  • Flower planting
  • Hedge installation
  • Turf and grass installation
  • Garden lighting and fencing
  • Paving and tiling
  • Building of a wide range of decorative landscaping features
  • Patio, canopy, and pavilion construction.

*Please keep in mind that all preliminary consultations for your landscaping project are FREE OF CHARGE.

Tree Doctoring

Pine Mountain excels in the one-off treatment and regular care of all types of trees – from the smallest common fruit trees you can find in every garden (peach, cherry, apricot, plum, apple) to the centuries-old coniferous and deciduous giants that the whole neighbourhood loves. Our skilled arborists provide the following services:

  • Tree inspection and health assessment – we look for first signs of decay and rotting, bark discolouring, fungal infestation, cavities, dying branches, etc. We perform ground and aerial inspections (via drones).
  • Removal of dead branches
  • Regular tree crown trimming
  • Emergency tree doctoring help – removal of dangerous branches or after-storm damage assessment
  • Helping with TPO applications
  • Eco-friendly woodchop recycling.