Because Effective Tree Care Matters

How do you make sure the trees in your property or neighbourhood always remain in excellent health? Is it a good idea to try to remove that dangerous branch on your own? The easy and hassle-free solution to these and many more tree-related problems is finally at your disposal!

Pine Mountain Tree and Gardening Services is a London-based contractor with an outstanding reputation and a growing family of happy customers. We have a team of first-class arborists, landscape designers, and gardening specialists who can help you turn your property into an enviable haven of lavish greenery. From simple tree crown pruning and hedge maintenance to detailed garden re-designing projects – we bring the same level of consistent excellence and a result-oriented approach that is second to none in Greater London!

Do not let our company title mislead you – we are equally efficient in caring for coniferous, deciduous, and orchard fruit trees, planting exotic flowers or maintaining the good old-fashioned hedges. Pine Mountain can offer you some of the most competitive prices in the London market, combined with a 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our customer support team is at your disposal seven days per week! If you want to discuss your landscaping project or need urgent tree-care advice, send us a note via the Contact form, and we will respond ASAP!

Why Choose Pine Mountain As Your Partner? 

  • Impeccable reputation sustained throughout the years
  • A team of excellent and friendly professionals
  • Tailor-made service approach, adjusted to each customer
  • Affordable prices with no hidden fees
  • Bullet-proof professional certification
  • Heightened eco-awareness in every procedure we perform
  • Emergency gardening and tree doctoring help available upon request
  • One of the most comprehensive service portfolios in the industry

What Can We Do For You?

Pine Mountain provides premium quality services in three distinctive branches:

  • Landscaping – thorough garden re-designing or helping with a specific task
  • Gardening – one-off and regular services
  • Tree doctoring and maintenance (including emergency branch removal and thorough tree inspections)

For a much more detailed overview of each option, please visit our Services page!

Professional Certification

We strictly comply with the UK legislation concerning tree doctoring and the following standards in particular:

  • BS 5837:1991 – Trees in relation to construction
  • BS 3998:1989 – British Standard Recommendation for tree work
  • Whenever we have to work on a larger, older tree, we check if it is under a TPO (Tree Protection Order)
  • Many of our leading gardening specialists hold the RHS General Certificate in Horticulture (Level 3). 

Our Service Process – Step by Step

  1. Getting in touch. When you send us an inquiry via the Contact form, our priority is to gather more info about the job you have in mind. We will discuss the details on the phone and prepare a free price quote before meeting in person.
  2. Free preliminary consultations. Most tree doctoring and gardening jobs require an initial consultation – we have to visit your property, assess the tree or gardening project on-site, and then give our input. Pine Mountain provides this for free – we are always happy to discuss how to improve your property!
  3. Strict quality control. Once we finish the job, we have to make sure our customers are satisfied. Rest assured, we do not look for shortcuts when it comes to quality control!

If We Are Going To Do Something That Affects Nature, We Will Do It Right!

The very nature of our business requires us to have a very strong eco-awareness. We firmly believe that every tree doctoring procedure, every flower planting or branch removal is a small step to help the planet.

The use of heavy-duty chainsaws is inevitable in most tree maintenance procedures. However, if we can use hand saws, we always prefer manual work, even if it requires more effort. Also, we recognise that large trees are the natural habitat of multiple mammals, birds, and insect species. We try to minimise the impact of our work on their life rhythm and avoid bird-nest destruction at all costs. 

Quite often, a large quantity of wood-chop remains after a tree-crown pruning or dead branches removal. We encourage our customers to use it for heating, but when this is impossible, we get in touch with some of the leading producers of low-carbon energy. Thus, we ensure the wood residue is recycled in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. 

When gardening is concerned, the Pine Mountain specialists always prefer manual weed removal. We never apply herbicides, as they are potentially hazardous to health and lethal to bees and other insects and small birds.