Aren’t You Wearing Too Many Hats At Once?

We often get the question from customers who are surprised that we provide gardening, landscaping AND tree doctoring. However, when you think of it, the three services are intimately connected and complement each other. They are the different sides of one coin – how to create a more eco-friendly and comfortable place of living for you and your family.

In the interest of full disclosure, we started as a small gardening contractor in South London. But after half a dozen of our customers asked us for advice on how to re-design their garden, we knew that we have to take the next step. Cooperating with some of London’s leading landscaping artists (for make no mistake, landscaping is a form of art!) has been arguably the most rewarding part of our job throughout the last few years. The Pine Mountain team has taken part in some amazing re-designing projects that took our breath away when finished. 

How Does Tree Doctoring Fit In The Picture?

It came along relatively late in the company’s growth. At first, we restricted our work exclusively to decorative and fruit trees, pretty much including their maintenance in our gardening portfolio. With growing experience came the confidence to work on oak and pine, chestnut and fir, elm and beech. Our arborists (I have never personally liked the term tree surgeon) have gained the trust and respect of countless owners who had lost hope for the saving of their beloved trees. 

In fact, tree doctoring is just another way to show that we appreciate and care about wildlife in all its forms. Suppose landscaping is our way to reclaim even a few square feet for nature from the jaws of the relentless urban growth and gardening – the best way to keep it. In that case, tree doctoring contributes to protecting the essential element of our immediate ecosystem.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We firmly believe that Pine Mountain is nowhere near realising its full potential to help London homeowners. Our most immediate goal is to make all our services even more eco-friendly. We have been heavily investing in lithium-battery chainsaws – our ambition is to perform at least 50% of all tree maintenance and branch removal work with non-petrol saws within two years.

Another task we have set is to improve Pine Mountain’s woodchop recycling efficiency. At the moment, more than one-third of all residue goes to waste – we want to bring this ratio as close to zero as possible.